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Inline Parallel Shaft Gearmotors More Info

Inline Parallel Shaft Gearmotors More Info

If you do not want to worry about sourcing your gear reducer and motor and assembling yourself, TGM can build you an inline gearmotor ready for installation. Any one of the inline parallel shaft gear reducers from TGM's product line can be assembled with a motor to fit your application. TGM offers a wide variety of AC or DC motors that can fit your requirements. Inline gearmotors are precision engineered and manufactured to fit your needs.

All inline gearmotors have the following features:

  • Die cast aluminum housing precision engineered for accurate shaft alignment
  • Pinions cut integral with shafts
  • Induction hardened teeth on all gear and pinions
  • Ball bearings on output shaft
  • Available in up to 10 gear ratios
  • Ratios: 2.06 to 11:08:1
  • HP In: .50 to 2.12
  • HP Out: 156 to 182
  • Torque Out, In (lbs): 140 to 294

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